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Emerge Investments is a Limited Liability Corporation whose mission is acquiring 150+ unit multifamily properties in emerging markets nationally for strong competitive investment returns. Our expertise in commercial construction gives us a distinct advantage in outperforming most investors in 'Value-Added Play" properties.

Stan Baggett is one of the managing partners in Emerge Investments. His national commercial construction company was started in 1984 with an emphasis on continuity of long-term business relationships. S.T. Baggett, Inc.has established itself as a firm committed, not only to construction excellence, but also to excellence in client communication. Repeat business is the cornerstone of S.T. Baggett, Inc.'s success. Our clients are treated professionally to assure they look forward to doing business with us again. Over the past 24 years, the firm has successfully completed a wide range of construction projects across the country. Clients include: PetSmart, KinderCare Learning Center, Marriott, U-Haul and many other developers.


Karen Baggett is also a managing member of Emerge Investments. She has overseen investor relations and asset management for the past seven years. Karen’s attention to detail, transparency and excellence in communication continues to exceed expectation. Meticulous oversight with our 3rd party property management team includes weekly reporting, monthly financial review and unannounced onsite inspections. All reports are available to investors through our secure file sharing service.

We have experience in multifamily projects from development, design, and construction to property management. Emerge Investments has a total approach to real estate management by understanding how real estate investments develop from concept through construction and from financing and marketing through long-term investment. Our on-site and regional property management teams are well educated and experienced in leasing, maintenance, coordination, and on-site and regional management.

Our unique experience assessing "Value-Added Play" properties will give our investors the potential of an above market rate of return with higher returns during our exit strategy.

Emerging Markets are carefully located. These emerging markets are considered areas of new growth. There are several variables which are used to identify these markets including: job growth, apartment occupancy, new construction permits, demographic trends, and path of progress to name a few resources. Our association with experts in this area is a unique advantage for our investors.

We have an Experienced Team of attorneys, CPAs, bankers, local resources, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers and Property Management Professionals. While we have experience with hands-on property management, we prefer to bring in a highly qualified third-party Property Management Company with expertise in the local market. Investors can expect Emerge Investments to have a hands-on approach to assure a well maintained property with great value for the price.

Emerge Investments is dedicated to the use of real estate investments for the protection, preservation and enhancement of invested capital. Our combination of construction expertise, excellent support team and a hands-on approach will result in cash flow, net operating income and valued growth for our investors.






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